Underground Survival Challenge

Underground Survival Challenge

A long time ago, there was a great miner who found all the world’s greatest treasures. With the power of his magic adamantium pick, even the skeletons and zombies of the land bowed to him.

As time went on, though, he grew old and tired, so he hid all his possessions throughout the caves deep underground for the next great miners to find. Unfortunately though, after the miner died, the evil Herobrine, his arch-nemesis, broke free into the world from the nether in which he was sealed long ago, bringing new and powerful monsters to rule. He threw the adamantium pick into a pool of lava, and it instantly burned up (don’t ask how, it just does that).

You daringly went to the obsidian palace in the nether to defeat Herobrine, but your weak stone equipment and leather armor wasn’t enough, and he easily beat you. He banished you into a cave far beneath the earth, and sealed off the surface with bedrock. Herobrine has left a series of challenges you must complete in order to get out of your prison, and that is what you aim to do.

Make a redstone contraption that uses at least 10 different redstone torches.
Make a cactus that goes all the way from bedrock to the top of the map.
Make 5 bookshelves.
Make a full set of diamond armor and a diamond sword to fight herobrine.
Find all 4 fabled treasure rooms that the last miner left.
Complete the hidden bonus challenge Herobrine left you!

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Installation Instructions

Copy the zipped map file *as is* into your Saves folder. The next time you run Minecraft, the map will appear under your Saved Games.