Tatsuyama – Empire of the Dragon Mountain – v1.1

Tatsuyama - Empire of the Dragon Mountain

Tatsuyama, means “Dragon Mountain” in Japanese, and felt the most authentic after searching around for a few appropriate names in Google translate. This is by far my biggest project in Minecraft so far. The map features fully fledged a very large island Empire and covers a total of over 1,200 x 1,200 blocks, has over 20 major builds, 70+ unique structures, and several secret areas.350 hours may seem a hell of a long time to spend on a minecraft project, but I’ve learnt loads from it, from map design, reptile anatomy, Asian culture, history and architecture, Video and Photo editing, plus had a lot of fun, despite suffering from some “writers block” at various stages.

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Installation Instructions

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to also install and run my 128×128 Asian themed texture pack to go with the map if your machine can handle it, although of course not required, I have spent many hours on the pack, and it shows the map as it was meant to be seen. No other mods are required.

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