Minecraft Texture Packs

Texture packs give Minecraft an entirely new look and feel and can surprisingly change the game dynamic entirely if you choose a themed texture pack. Give your Minecraft a medieval look that harkens back to SNES RPGs or make the overworld look like an alien planet. It's up to you.

This is a smooth and gentle texture pack that just will melt your eyes of goodness! Click to Download See[...]
1.9 Pre 3 WalnutCraft v1.5.2
Are you tired of seeing those "simple" texture packs that end up being only a couple of colors that required[...]
Crafted Smooth v1.0
Hey guys this is my second texture pack the last one was bad so I decided to go ahead and[...]
1.8.1 Snow’s Craft v2.2
Thanks for checking out Snow's Craft! This is a little minimalistic texture pack that I created a few months ago[...]
1.8.1 SimpleMedieval v1.2
This texture pack is 16px, and is based on a medieval style. It is currently still in development, and is[...]
Ornate 5
Ornate 5 is an original 64x64 pack with an intricate and dark theme. What's new in version 5: • Stone,[...]
There is a lack of Spelunky, even though the game fits in absolutely perfectly with Minecraft. This is a texture[...]
There are a few other things that have been submitted that I've looked at or that I've been working on[...]
Thistle Pack
If anyone cares to post an amazingly awesome thing they've built with this texture pack, I would love to be[...]
Worlds End Texture Pack
Before 1.8 this world was a paradise but then the endermen appeared people were terrified they started using more powerful[...]
Resonance is a texture pack that is based off of the anime/manga Soul Eater. It was originally started off by[...]
This is my first texture pack, which I've spent a fair amount of time on already. It is a work[...]
FiatluX Texture Pack
This is a texture pack that I made for personal use then decided to post it here. FiatluX gives Minecraft[...]
Hi everybody, I'm french and I want to show you a pack of my creation inspired by the famous pack[...]
This is my texture pack, I've been working on it the last couple of days. Any feedback from you guys[...]
Ancient Egypt
This is a texture pack I am working on. A lot is just the original art recolored to suit a[...]
Steelfeathers’ Enchanted Pack
Welcome to an Enchanted world. This pack is meant to be a fusion of both Victorian elegance and fairytale mystery,[...]
Aardvark Textures
Simple, not quite cartoonish, not quite realistic, 16x16 pack. It is splendid for exploration and building but effortlessly adequate for[...]
In a time out of mind the world of Minecraftia was once a place of fantastic magic and wonders. However,[...]
Jay Pack 1.0
Jay Pack is a HD texture pack so you´ll need the newest version of McPatcher Click to Download Installation Instructions[...]
Sunshine Vector
Welcome to Sunshine Vector! The Aussie made vector texture pack. This pack aims to give minecraft a cartoony vector based[...]
This pack is a heavily WIP, If you download it right now, It's only in the beta version. The full[...]
Jungle Ruins
After one long month of hard work, constant partying, and lots of TF2, we are finally able to release the[...]
Sphax PureBDCraft
Download Here Installation Necessary: Patch your game with the MCPatcher. If you don't, you will get display bugs using these 64x64[...]
Ovo’s Rustic Pack
Download Here Installation Necessary: Patch your game with the MCPatcher. If you don't, you will get display bugs using these[...]