Minecraft Schematics

Schematics are simply instructions that let you export a building/structure from one world and import it into another. Using these schematics, you can import amazing structures into your own maps to explore and modify. Be sure to share your own favorite schematics below.

Attacking Snake
I put this project together after I was playing around with the worldedit mod the other day and found a[...]
Completed Crucial All-In-One Produce Farm
This farm is loaded with controls and features, and produces massive amounts of loot. Every farm is automatic with the[...]
Halloween Town
Its a small and very simple game. You start at home, it's 31st October, Halloween. You get ready for a[...]
World of Warcraft – Stormwind City
From the MMORPG World of Warcraft, Stormwind City! Having taken over 3 months of an average 4.5 hours a day,[...]
Minecraft Middle Earth: Barad-dur
A kind of juxtaposition of good and evil, if you will. It also provides some scenery so you don't have[...]
Falcon Flyer Coaster
This is a rollercoaster themed for falcons. It is fairly big and it took 13 HOURS. Better try this one.[...]
This model was based on a local cathedral, I'd like to see if anybody recognizes it. I upload the model[...]
DNA String [3D]
A DNA String with some glowstone. Click to Download
3D Diamond ore mining
Awarded the Pixelist award for a 2D or 3D pixel art schematic of excellence Click to Download
Thunderbirds’ Tracy Island
For any fans of the 1960's TV show Thunderbirds, present Tracy Island! All the Thunderbird machines are available to explore,[...]
Assassins Creep:An 1.8 Open World Parkour Map
Assassins Creep is an open Parkour map in Assassin's Creed style. The objective of the map is too find all[...]
Piston Operated Gatehouse
This is a very basic, yet practical piston operated gatehouse with portcullis. It should be noted that the traditional mechanism[...]
Custom Terrain: Rainforest Valley
This one features a large valley with lots of rainforest type trees spread all along the bottom, a large mangrove[...]
Minecraft Airport
Features: - the longest Runway ever built in Minecraft (AFAIK) - more Taxiways than you can shake your fist at[...]
Tatsuyama – Empire of the Dragon Mountain – v1.1
Tatsuyama, means "Dragon Mountain" in Japanese, and felt the most authentic after searching around for a few appropriate names in[...]
Hillside Manor
The world save contains Hillside Manor, a small village, an egyptian section, a water slide, and a lot of other[...]
The Temple of Notch
Fully Interactive Redstone Notch Idol. Notch will judge you in the temple and either bless you with vast wealth or[...]
Medieval Building Bundle
This is a collection of buildings inspired by 15th century European medieval architecture, reworked and redesigned for minecraft. The structures[...]
Underwater City – Lumina Nocturnale
The projects name is "Lumina Nocturnale" and is supposed to be sort of an underwater city. Like my last creations,[...]