Minecraft Mods

Mods for Minecraft give the game additional features that aren't present in vanilla Minecraft. There are both single player and multiplayer mods that offer tons of expanded gameplay. Mods can allow you to fly, add new NPCs and creatures to your world, or add new features like alternative railroad functionality. The skyblock is the limit!

1.8.1 Railcraft 1.5.1
Have you ever wished minecarts and rails had received a bit more attention during development? Well that ends now! Gone[...]
Forestry for Minecraft 1.0.8
If there is one task in Minecraft I loathe, it is farming trees. Using BuildCraft I found myself building quite[...]
Wilderness Mod
Wilderness mod is a new mod in development by Tommo emphasizing and improving upon the theme of survival, hunting, and[...]
1.8.1 Mine Little Pony v0.1
This mod adds new player models and textures that make players look like ponies, in the style of the TV[...]
1.8.1 Tale Of Kingdoms v1.0.5
They have come from the nether and they are destructive. They are hard to kill. They use illusions, and maybe[...]
1.8.1 Working Vending Machines 1.0
This mod was an idea I had a bit ago. When you give the vending machines a certain amount of[...]
1.8.1 Kitchen Additions 1.2
Kitchen additions is a mod all about adding more features for decorating your home! I was inspired for this mod[...]
1.8.1 FishCraftory v1.3
FishCraftory is a fishing based mod that adds a whole array of new fish to catch in Minecraft. This mod[...]
1.8.1 RuneCraftory v1.2.1
RuneCraftory is a farming based mod that adds a whole array of new crops and farming tools to Minecraft and[...]
1.8.1 Colored Creatures v1.0
Colored Creatures is a mod that lets you tame/breed several minecraft creatures. If you breed them they will have colored[...]
1.8.1 Paintball v2.8
This mod adds a few new items to the game: full red and blue armor sets, both red and blue[...]
1.8.1 The Twilight Forest v1.3
Updated October 4th to version 1.3. This version features the return of the glaciers, a new unique portal, a few[...]
1.8.1 The Legend of Him 1.1
Herobrine, you thought he was a myth, you thought he was a tale of woe from the mouth of a[...]
1.8.1 Level Up! v1.4.1
When I found out that the experience and leveling coming in 1.8 would not have a use until later, I[...]
1.8.1 Millénaire v1.6.9
Millénaire is a single-player mod for Minecraft. It aims to fill the "emptiness" of single-player worlds by adding NPC villages[...]
1.8.1 GardenCraft v4.2.0
This mod is designed to turn that small garden into a beautiful place to sit when the sun is out![...]
1.8.1 InfiTools v1.4.4
This mod adds 12 new materials to make hand tools out of and four new tool types to the game.[...]
1.8.1 Animal Transport Mod v1.1.0
Do you ever wanted to transport some animals? Yes? Then this is mod for you! You can catch wild animals[...]
1.8.1 Weeping Angels v1.2
This mob has a spawn rate of 5% (Rare). It will freeze when seen (includes other angels [update 1.2]. When[...]