Minecraft Custom Maps

Custom maps often include a storyline or a quest that can be followed. Custom maps make Minecraft function more like an adventure/RPG and can be quite fun. Play through maps by yourself or with friends. Be sure to submit your favorite custom maps below.

Castlevania: Rebirth
Your Destiny is unfolding. Welcome brave hero, you are a Belmont, part of a clan that has defended humanity from[...]
Star Trek
I like Star Trek and wanted the Old Enterprise in the game and found that Mozzie made the A Version[...]
You are a junior member of a gentlemanly crime-fighting unit. To your great shame you have allowed a villain, named[...]
Capture The Wool
This is a variation on Vech's Race for the Wool. Rather than having lanes, I opted for an open battlefield.[...]
1.8.1 Stone Cold
You wake up in a house, you have no memories that you can think of. You look out the window[...]
Asteroid 5251
Asteroid 5251 is an adventure/survival/quest/puzzle/story map. You must use your mining and crafting skills as well as scavenge from chests.[...]
SkyBlock 2.1 Hardcore
Travel to the nether! Make your way to the floating sand island. Begin with a bucket of lava and a[...]
Eronev Mansion Adventure
After your adventure into the wild you return to your home town of Eronev. From the beginning though something seems[...]
Mars Mission v1.82
The Earth is overpopulated, and natural resources are scarce. The Moon Colonies have been ravaged by war. Humanity looks to[...]
Kingdom of the Sky
Kingdom of the Sky is an adventure map designed for one or two people. What makes this different from many[...]
Apollo 18 Lunar Survival
It's December of 1974, you and your crew have landed on the moon, but they soon realize they're in trouble.[...]
Desert Oasis Survival Map 1.95
This is a single-player/multi-player map at which you are stuck on a tropical oasis in the middle of the desert[...]
Shattered Earth
The world has ended and fallen apart, you and maybe your friends are the last of your kind and you[...]
Survival Island – V1.1
After playing the original Island Survival created by wookie4747 I was inspired to try and create my own. The rules[...]
The Tales Of Poo The Adventurer I – The Golden Rose – V1.3
You are Poo, who wakes up one morning finding a letter in your mailbox from the Princess Of Edison herself.[...]
It's the year 2013, the world ended 4 months ago. You are one of the suvivors as you travel across[...]
Skylands 1.3
Skylands is a custom tailored world for the Beta version of Minecraft. A game of exploration and building in a[...]
Underground Survival Challenge
A long time ago, there was a great miner who found all the world's greatest treasures. With the power of[...]
The Course of Lepharsi
Greetings. You are the hero(es) of Lomadia, this land. A friend of yours has put together an obstacle course, but[...]
Flat Land Map 1.8.1
Hi all Minecrafters out there, Today’s article is going to be about Flat Land. Everyone knows what a flat land[...]
Super Hostile 00 Hazardous Environment Training
This is not a Super Hostile map at all! This is a training map, intended to give the casual Minecraft[...]
Adrift is an ocean challenge map for Minecraft I made. Inspired by some of the great challenge maps already posted[...]
Funland 2.0
Inspired by the theme parks I went to as a kid, welcome to Fun Land - an immense park featuring[...]
Pokemon Kanto Region 1.0.3
You have played it in 1998, you played it again and again. But this time, its come to minecraft. The[...]