Jungle Ruins

After one long month of hard work, constant partying, and lots of TF2, we are finally able to release the BEST community/ collaboration texture pack in the history of Minecraft. What started out as a simple collaboration between a few inexperiencing artists has quickly grown into a full out project with the intent of being the best collaboration pack you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Jungles, vines, temples, and fucking tiki heads. What more would you want? So without further adieu, Leostereo, Lilyo, Thimontheluff, Galago, and CowThing (with help and support from Dustyboozer, Strdr, and Alanay) present to you ….. JUNGLE RUINS (pre-release).

Click to Download

Installation Instructions

-You will need to download OPTIFINE or MCPATCHER in order to see the water and lava (soon to be animated!) and compass and watch.
-We recommend you use MATMOS with this pack! It adds great atmosphere to the game.
-You can download the Rainforest Valley map HERE if you want to.
-Some of the textures are subjected to change soon and some are not fully completed yet
-Show your support by posting your suggestions and comments in the thread! (WARNING: Think before you post)