Funland 2.0

Funland 2.0

Inspired by the theme parks I went to as a kid, welcome to Fun Land – an immense park featuring 16 roller coasters, 10 water rides, a dozen other amusements, plus plenty of restaurants, souvenir stands, and other theme park goodness. There’s plenty to see and do, and even more to discover if you snoop around a bit. The map requires no special mods and should be compatible with earlier versions of Minecraft.

Version 2.0 of FunLand adds 8 brand new roller coasters, additional restaurants and attractions, and even more secret areas throughout the map. To help you get around the rapidly expanding theme park, a state of the art monorail has been added. With this expansion, new clues have been included regarding the mysterious origins of FunLand, its mysterious owners, and the dark secrets it contains. If you’ve downloaded and enjoyed any of the older versions of FunLand, you’ll definitely want to download 2.0 and explore the park again!

With the recent update to Minecraft 1.8, FunLand 2.0 has gotten a little “quirky”, some of the lighting is off and chests, while still functioning, look shaded and often out of place. Have no fears! FunLand 3.0 will correct all of these little annoyances, and in the meantime FunLand 2.0 is still tons of fun. Thanks for supporting the most popular amusement park in Minecraft!

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Installation Instructions

Copy the zipped map file *as is* into your Saves folder. The next time you run Minecraft, the map will appear under your Saved Games.

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