There are a few other things that have been submitted that I’ve looked at or that I’ve been working on but can’t release yet. I’m going to message the submitters and mod creators with a few questions and hopefully get some of this cleared up. I’d also like someone who knows their way around the BTW mod to message me as there are some items on the sheet that I can’t identify or find mention of in the BTW topic.

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Installation Instructions

For a fresh install follow these steps:

1) Download the latest pack from this link:Faithful Pack ZIP.
2) Save to the .minecraft\texturepacks folder.

*Optional, but highly recommended*
-Copy the “saves” Folder on: .minecraft and place it somewhere else.
-Delete contents of .minecraft/bin.
-Run Minecraft.exe and let it download a clean copy of all the files.

3) Download the latest texture patcher from this thread:Texture Patcher by Kahr.
4) Save to Desktop for easy access.
5) Open the Patcher.
6) Open the “Options” tab.
7) Select “Default” for water, lava, fire, and portal in the drop boxes.

-Revise that the setting are like this:

8) Open the “Mods” tab.
9) Click on “Patch”. Close the patcher.
10) Run Minecraft. Click the “Mods and Texture Packs” button. Select and you’re ready to go.

NOTE: If you are in the need of assistance, read through the entire thread, your problem might have been already explained or solved.