Completed Crucial All-In-One Produce Farm

All-In-One Produce Farm

This farm is loaded with controls and features, and produces massive amounts of loot. Every farm is automatic with the exception of planting seeds for wheat.

This is the completed version. Each farm tower has its own control console to control the loot collection point, also each farm is equipped with loot detection that will be displayed in the main console. Each unit is wired to an XNOR gate, so both levers control one output without disrupting the indicator torches. The wheat farms core is a Conditional RS Nor Latch, which keeps track of the Wheat’s stages of growth. With this unit you have the feature to add subtract and reset the indicator torches, these also pass through XNOR gates, for the ability to have the control at 2 different consoles, without interfering with each other. the Cacti Farm is equipped with a Loot Elevator using Pistons.

There is also a Main Storage Facility, and windmill on the land. Farms include, 100% automatic melon farm, 100% automatic cacti farm 100% automatic pumpkin farm, 100% automatic sugar cane/reed farm, 100% automatic mushroom farm, Wheat Tower of Power, with stage of growth tracking.

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