Capture The Wool

Capture The Wool

This is a variation on Vech’s Race for the Wool. Rather than having lanes, I opted for an open battlefield. The two teams, Red and Blue, must progress through three stages: Preparation, Acquisition, and War.

Preparation: The teams start on small islands, with two resource deposits close by. They must harvest what will be necessary to construct the sky bridges to the other islands, and to conquer said island.

Acquisition: Once the players have what they think is necessary, they can head out to any of the three islands: Forest, Ice Castle, and Volcano. Forest and Ice Castle both have advantages and disadvantage, while Volcano is there just to mess with you.

War: Once the players have footholds on the islands, they can defend their area, preventing the other team from retrieving the wool, whilst also attempting to retrieve the other wool.

The primary appeals of this map are team-based resource management, heavy PvP, and my favorite, the mind game. Players can go anywhere within the confines of the map, aside from above the glass ceiling, and outside of the boundaries of the generated area.

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Installation Instructions

Copy the zipped map file *as is* into your Saves folder. The next time you run Minecraft, the map will appear under your Saved Games.