2013 Ruins

It’s the year 2013, the world ended 4 months ago. You are one of the suvivors as you travel across plains, mountains, deserts and oceans. You build up your stockpile of supplies dodging mobs of monsters that survived. But one day, you find a man who looked like he was attacked. He was about to die but before he did he told you that there was a city about a week away that had tons of supplies. Well it’s been 2 weeks and you’ve found nothing but want to keep going. If you find it then you’ll have to defend yourself against mobs while harvesting resources that have been overlooked by roamers. Once you get enough resources, fix the city and make withstand the true test of time.

Starts with a small starting house carved into the mountain. The Bank is guarded by the hostile Raggers gang aka: Skeleton Spider Zombie Creeper Pig Zombie, but if you get past them there are great riches.

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Installation Instructions

Copy the zipped map file *as is* into your Saves folder. The next time you run Minecraft, the map will appear under your Saved Games.