1.8.1 Working Vending Machines 1.0

Working Vending Machines

This mod was an idea I had a bit ago. When you give the vending machines a certain amount of change they will give you whatever. I have added a money system in turn with this mod, I have also added vending machines that don’t just give you stuff because that’s boring.

Some features of the mod to current date are:
– Coke machine right click with a quarter to get a coke (loonie gets you 4)
– Slime machine right click with loonie and it spawns you a slime 😀
– Suicide booth. When you give it a Loonie it launches you up really high then you die
– A money system containing: Penny-Nickel-Dime-Quarter-Loonie

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Installation Instructions

1. Go to %appdata% in run or windows adress bar
2. Go to .minecraft
3. Go to bin
4. Open Minecraft.jar with any archive program examples are winrar, 7zip, winzip ect…
5. Delete Metainf
6. Move all files in the modloader archive to the minecraft.java one
7. Move all the files in the KMODVM Download into the Minecraft.java