1.8.1 The Legend of Him 1.1

The Legend of Him

Herobrine, you thought he was a myth, you thought he was a tale of woe from the mouth of a drunk miner. You were wrong. Herobrine doesn’t like it when you don’t believe. He has his ways of making sure you believe. Recently, about 500 miners have gone missing within a few weeks, there are many theories about this, but only one matched the circumstances perfectly, Herobrine. Many didn’t believe it. Very soon, most of them went missing too. Now you’re the next target. He inhabits your world, and he brings all he’s got. Hiows, HIM cows, lie in wait, they seem like harmless cows, but you are wrong.

Turned Knights, they went missing awhile ago, they were the lucky ones and were chosen to be his minions. They soak up damage like a rock against steel. They aren’t nearly as powerful as Herobrine is.

Herobrine Illusions appear throughout the land, leaving a trail of purple mist and making odd noises. They can’t hurt you, but are there as tools, used to scare you.

And finally, if all else fails, Herobrine himself comes in for the kill. He is almost impossible to kill, yielding over 1500 hearts, maybe even MORE. He can teleport and hide and without warning, strike from behind. You can’t run, he is faster than you AND can simply teleport to you. You can’t kill him, he has 1500 hearts or more and sometimes dodges hits with a well timed teleport.

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