1.8.1 InfiTools v1.4.4


This mod adds 12 new materials to make hand tools out of and four new tool types to the game. Tool handles can be made out of the same materials; in all there are 140 combinations of materials per tool. There are also a few other items, like buckets and bowls, that can be made out of the same materials. This allows you to survive virtually anywhere; no need for wood at all.

New materials: Redstone Crystal, Obsidian, Sandstone, Bone, Paper, Mossy Stone, Netherrack, Glowstone Crystal, Ice, Lava Crystal, Slime Crystal, Cactus
New Tools: Hammer, Mattock, Ice Axe, Frying Pan

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Installation Instructions

1. Download ModLoader in addition to Infitools. Also download the ItemSprite API or Minecraft Forge, depending on the version.
2. Open up your minecraft.jar using an archiver like WinRar and delete the META-INF folder.
3. Place the contents of ModLoader, Minecraft Forge, and/or ItemSprite API inside the minecraft.jar
4. Take the Infitools Zip file and put it under .minecraft/mods. Alternatively you could place everything inside the Infitools Zip in your minecraft jar; either one works.