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Flat Land Map 1.8.1

by MinecrafterSteve on Thursday, October 13th, 2011

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Flat Land Map 1.8.1
Hi all Minecrafters out there, Today’s article is going to be about Flat Land. Everyone knows what a flat land is? It’s a popular Minecraft map which all of you should know about. For those who know what it is just download it ! . For those who doesn’t know anything about it continue to read… Well, a flat land is just like its name, it’s the Flat land! The Flat Land enables you to unlock your best pontential in building! You know why? Have you ever have a feeling that the mountains are annoying? This map is going to suit you, in Flat Land there are no mountains! That is why you can build anything you want in there:). I prefer INVedit for this map because you won’t be having anything except bedrock and dirt. Usually I like to make that Flat Land Map into a TNT canon war map with my friends It has many uses of it: Make some tutorial video,
TNT canon wars (as mentioned),
Make some awesome stuff ( pixel art, statues),
Try some cool stuffs( traps, pig farm, etc.),
Make a server. Be creative ! use it the best way that suits you! I recommend you to play this map on a multiplayer server with friends, It will be fun!

Have fun minecrafting!

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